Parents or Police?

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Jim Browning 

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Shared November 20, 2022

If you'd like a free 14-day trial of Aura, use the link: Thank you! With the help of Jaani Musik, I found a scammer who was sending fake invoices so that he could steal money from people in the USA. But he lives in Kolkata where the police never seem to take action against scams like this. So is a better approach to try to get his parents to stop him? Parents or police? Jaani's channel: Jaani's video: Scammer Payback's channel: Scammer Payback's video: If you can possibly support me, this is my Patreon link: (Patrons have extra/unblurred content or special chat events depending on your Patron level) I love coffee, so if you can help with caffine, I'd be most grateful: Catch me on Twitter: @JimBrowing11 Join my Discord server: I even have a Subreddit: Intro, outro and logo by Pico. Pico's details: Outro music: (Epic Song) Sources for figures quoted: Global Anti-Scam Alliance:… Video timecodes: 00:00 - 00:27 Introduction 00:27 - 00:49 Jaani 00:49 - 01:52 Gift Card Scams 01:52 - 03:38 Neil's scam 03:38 - 04:22 Aura promotion 04:22 - 05:23 Ring Central bans Aditya 05:23 - 05:48 Scammer watches Jim Browning videos! 05:48 - 07:17 Aditya's refund scam 07:17 - 10:23 Aditya's personal life 10:23 - 12:38 Confronting Aditya on camera 12:38 - 14:19 Showing Aditya his photos 14:19 - 14:55 Why? 14:55 - 15:26 Outro and other videos

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