Building an invisible 4K TV

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Shared October 17, 2022

Media setups aren't usually this minimal! AD For more info on LG QNED mini LED TV : Parts list: Crazy-good DSP Amplifiers:… Tweeters:… Mid drivers:… Subwoofers:… Lower cost but practically identical subwoofers:… For 5.1 audio, one amp needs an additional two inputs, which can be acheived with one of these… (amp's micro switch needs to be in the 'S' position) The amps need a programming board to adjust their settings:… which can be utilised with Sigma Studio (free software) 5.1 HDMI Audio decoder board: Concealed hinges: Fireplace: 3D Plans (Sketchup):… Forum: Discord: #MiniLEDTV #4KTV #invisible

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